Final competitions

Both day final competitions
Entry to the showground: 08.00
Breed judging in rings: 10.00
Child & dog; junior handling judgin in BIS ring: 14.30
Final competitions apprx starting time: 15.30All finals will be prejudged, so make sure you are on site in good time. The estimated starting time of group finals is 15.30 on both days. Prejudging will start about 30 minutes beforehand. The order and time of the finals are subject of chance – pay attention to the announcements on loud speakers.

If you have any questions, then on show day please come to the INFO tent or write an e-mail:
Saturday, 09.09CompetitionSunday, 10.09
Bjorn Erling LokenChild and dog & junior handling
Anna KochanBest BabyJose Homem de Mello
Jurate ButkieneBest PuppyGerard Jipping
Aleksandar PetrovicBest JuniorRui Oliveira
Rui OliveiraBest VeteranMarie Thorpe
Valentinas StikliusBest Breeders classMaritha Östlund-Holmsten
Maritha Östlund-HolmstenBest Progeny classRui Oliveira
Aleksandar PetrovicBest BraceJurate Butkiene
Tino PeharBest in Group 1Jose Homem de Mello
Maritha Östlund-Holmsten Best in Group 2Marie Thorpe
Valentinas Stiklius Best in Group 3Tatjana Urek
Jose Homem de Mello Best in Group 4Rui Oliveira
Gerard Jipping Best in Group 5Maritha Östlund-Holmsten
Marie Thorpe Best in Group 6 Jurate Butkiene
Rui Oliveira Best in Group 7 Valentinas Stiklius
Jurate Butkiene Best in Group 8 Tatjana Urek
Aleksandar Petrovic Best in Group 9 Marie Thorpe
Anna Kochan Best in Group 10 Gerard Jipping
Tatjana Urek Best In ShowTino Pehar 
Ring schedule 10.09