Janelle Robbins – Australia

Janelle Robbins Judging Resume

Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari – Finland

My name is Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. I am all rounder. When I started to judge my first breed was shih Tzu It was 1991. I have been judging over 30 different countries, done many BEST IN SHOW finals and specialty shows here in Finland and abroad. I am married with Harto Stockmari who is also all rounder and we have one daughter Nora. We live in south of Finland. We live small village in the country side.

I have been my  hole life in dog world. My aunt was breeding Pomeranians and miniature pinscher and I was showing her dogs when I was a child. I imported together with my husband black&tan, particolour and white Pomeranians to Finland. We are not breeding them anymore.

We have been breeding and  also still breeding together with my husband Australian terriers, Cairn terriers, Deerhounds, Irish wolfhounds, Pekingeses, earlier Poodles, Pomeranians, Shar Peis, Finnish Lapphunds. Owned and showed even other breeds.

We send 2009 Aussie male Stranger`s Blue Buick, My breeding to Australia. He came back one year later as AUST CH and is also CIB&AUST&FIN&MULTI CH with 15 titles. Buick is the first European import to receive the title AUST CH in the country of origin.

He was runner up in the terrier group during his visit in Australia. He sired some litters over there and later we got home his son AUST CH SInclyde Strangers Boomerang and daughter AUST CH Xanhorrhoea From Down Under, who is group winner in the country of origin. We have now three Aussies at home with the title AUST CH.

I enjoy judging different breeds and when I see beautiful breed type dogs, they just “took my breath away.”

I am waiting for lovely time in Estonia.

Linda Jürgens, Estonia

I have been involved with dogs since I was a kid. My first purebred dog was born 1969. My first litter was born 1973. I bred German Shepherds til 1989 and shetland sheepdogs until 2002. Till now I breed rough collies (from 1983) and pomeranians (from 1995). My kennel name is Heidelind’s, co owner is my daughter Helina Simberg. She has other breeds, but our joint is rough collie. She is also FCI judge.

I have been judging dog shows since 1976. I am chairman of the Sheep- and Cattle Dog Association in Estonia and chairman of the European and Asian Spitzes Association in Estonia.

Inga Siil – Estonia

Sain oma esimese tõukoera (peale aastatepikkust vanematelt koera nurumist) aastal 1990 – väikese valge puudli Dessy.  Selllest alates (ja juba enne seda) olen olnud ravimatult koerahull – osalenud näitusel, treeninud koeri jms
1992. aastast alustasin näitustel tööd ringisekretärina ning 2000. aastal alustasin õpinguid välimikukohtunike põhikursusel.  Minust sai välimikukohtunik aastal 2002 ning esimene tõug, millele sain hindamispädevuse oli loomulikult – puudel.
Tänaseks päevaks on mul hindamisõigus kõikidele tõugudele rühmast 4,7,8,9 ja 10 ning osadele tõugudele rühmadest 3 ja 5.

Minu esimene pesakond kennelnime all CEN CLARENCE’S sündis 1994. aastal, milleks olid väikesed valged puudlid.  Peale seda oli mul aretuses pikk vahe (õpingud, kolimine teise linna, elamine korteris jms) ning ma jätkasin aretust 2014. aastal ning sedapuhku juba mustade kääbuspuudlitega.

2010.aastal lisandus minu perre uus tõug – lõvikoerake ja see tõug saavutas kiiresti minu südames erilise koha lisaks puudlitele.

Olen hinnanud üle 20 erinevas riigis – muuhulgas Baltimaades, Skandinaavias, Venemaal, Ungaris, Rumeenias, Iirimaal, Saksamaal, Belgias, Ukrainas, Israelis, Šveitsis, Itaalias, Kreekas, Prantsusmaal, Poolas, Islandil jms

Mul on olnud au hinnata puudlite erinäitusi paljudes maades ning 2014. aastal „Maailma võitja“ näitusel väikeseid puudleid – must, valge, pruun värvirühmast ning 2016. aastal „Euroopa võitja“ näitusel toy puudleid, inglise ja weshi springerpsnajeleid ning sussexi spanjeleid.

Olen olnud Eesti Puudlite tõuühingu president ja asepresident, Eesti Kennelliidu juhatuse liige, hetkel Eesti Kennelliidu volinike kogu liige ning Kohtunike Kogu eestseisuse esimees alates 2015.

Nagu paljudki teised kohtunikud, hindan ma koeras eelkõige vastavust tõutüübile, funksionaalsust ja tõule omast liikumist ning temperamenti.

Ruth Wagner – Luxembourg

Since always, I have been living with Collies. I even trained one Collie, bred by myself, as a Schutzhund.
In 1989, I started breeding Collies and Shelties under the kennel name of “von den Garnicher Eichen”. The kennel “von den Garnicher Eichen” became famous on an international scale because of shows and sport performances (We turned 20 of our dogs into show champions. Since 1996, our shelties have been permanent participants at the Agility-World-championships, including titles for the team as well as podium positions in individual. One of our dogs also had TV appearances because of dog-dancing).

For the last 12 years, Border Collies and from 2005 onwards, a Magyar Agar have become part of our family.

Since 1990, I have been a member of committee and general secretary of the Club “Collie et Bergers Britannique Club Luxembourg”. In 2007, this club was renamed into “Bergers Britannique et Australian Shepherd Club Luxembourg”. Today I am president of the Club.

In 1996, I came to be a specialist for British Herders. Later on, I also became a judge for the groups I, IV, V , X and Great Dane and Dobermann.

So far, I have gathered judging experience at numerous national and international shows across Europe, including important international Winner Shows, such as the FCI-European Dog-Show in Hungary and FCI-Centenary Winner Show in Germany.

Rade Vesic – Serbia

My name is Rade Vesic, the breeder,trainer and owner of the kennel Masterhof more than 25 years. Very successfully i do breed dogs race Doberman, Zwergpinscher and German Pinscher and in every of this breed I achieved the prestigious titles such as World Winner, Europe Winner, ISPU and IDC Winners! International FCI JUDGE since 2008 and I speak fluent German and English but I use Russian and Italian language too.
In addition to my country Serbia judging dog shows all over Europe and also I was judge to Indonesia and China several times.
I am specialist judge for dogs FCI group II but happy and pleased to judge dogs from Group III & IV & V & IX and all other in the future.
At the moment I’m learning and getting ready for the exam to FCI Group X,next will be Group I ,etc…